July 10th, 2007

Penny Cross

one and a half years coming up.

Thursday the 12th of January, 2006.
Thursday the 12th of July, 2007.

A year and a half is coming up. Two days from now.

I can't say that I'm where I wanted to be, because I had no idea where I wanted to be.
I'm not really happy with where I am, for various reasons.

Someone said this about love lost: it's not that you can't live without them. It's that living without them isn't as good. There's all this shared life: beauty, pleasure, comfort, affection, support, joy, pain, sacrifice, even fights and frustrations, that made everything better.

I see this when I'm with my friends. I'm the first among us to lose our life-partner. I sincerely hope it doesn't become a fad.

Things are better. But they're not. There's a quantum emotional state for you to ponder.
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    cold alone

106 degrees F at 6:30pm

Hot have.

Eating at China Moon buffet. Quality down dramatically from when opened, 8 or so years ago but veggies arer still yummy.

Ticket for hp&tootp opening tomorrow at 0005 hours.

May go there at 10 and take nap in lot. Will be letting humid humans in to stink and heat up the place at 11pm.

Wishing Penny could be with, and remembering college and dragging her to Star Wars. And Berkekey and seeing Superman and flying home rather than taking bus.