August 14th, 2007

Presence Light

the strangeness is all around

Not going to discuss Vicky's funeral, except to say... Yeah, I knew your family was a bit unusual, Miss V.

And it was very nice of you to have them put your ashes outside the chains and next to the paving stone where the kids all wander around trying to see if they can see any dead people. So they can still play on you.

Coming home tonight, my brother in law called ... missing Penny a lot, and his wife wanted him to call me and just say hi. And after I babbled about the weird funeral, Pat told me that he and Lisa and the girls went to the coast to Crescent City, and took the skyline at the Trees of Mystery ... and a couple got on who were me and Penny, not 20 years ago, but 20 years from now. Apparently our doppelgangers from another universe came to visit. That, or reality is bending around a bit. When he told me that, his wife Lisa said, "hey, I was thinking the same thing." They hadn't talked about it.

It was very touching. I suppose some people might find it freaky. I didn't, but I was wondering what it was about.
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