January 6th, 2008

Presence Light


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Tonight as I was getting ready for sleep I came across this news item.

Andrew Olmstead Killed in Iraq

Major Olmstead was a blogger, and a science fiction fan, and a man who changed and learned a lot. He was fiercely protective of his right to NOT be used as a chess-piece nor as a pawn by any political party; he simply told the truth. If you can, spare a thought or a prayer for his family left behind.
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A friend pointed me at "Overheard in PDX"

We now have a Portland, Oregon version of the "Overheard In _______" blogs found elsewhere.

It had a few nice break-the-brain items.

Edit Pilaf

White Christmas

What kind of a game is that?!

Jingle Bells

Bad hair day?

Typo in the title on this one

Privacy? What's that?

Yes, we have these types :P

And these types too.

Potty humor

Marie is Hot!


And again, PRIVACY? What's that?

And that's enough of that for now.
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