July 14th, 2008


Bastille Day

Happy birthday to alfvaen and a happy to adriellyn as well.

So, this was the day on which the French people began their very short foray into democratic rule, and demonstrated the utter folly of an uncontrolled democracy run by authoritarians who have "the best intentions"... This would be clue-by-four day for George the Third, but he's already demonstrated that his skull is made of the purest condensed dulltronium and actively repels any stray clues.

In other news, my dryer is semi-dead, and I was stuck here at home all morning waiting for repairs, only to finally be told that they're going to be here tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to get to work early just for the fun of trying.
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In Your Fridge

Writer's Block: Food Loves and Hates

What foods can you not live without, and what foods can you not stomach?
I am a carnivore. I require meat. Preferably rare.

I do not, however, want to even come within recognition distance of slime-monger so-called foods natto, birds-nest soup, okra in most forms, and that disgusting pre-chewed "beverage" that they make in certain polynesian islands..Nor do I want coffee made from beans which have passed through a digestive tract no matter how exalted.
Further I will not eat horse, dog, cat, or any other "delicacy" which has been domesticated for companionship; this also includes close relatives like monkey or chimp.