August 7th, 2008


tousle hadron delicatessen sobriquet contributory

Found in my gmail inbox from a person calling themself "Gay North" and posting from (don't go there.)

This lovely missive contained the following text:

"freshmen boss mash? whipple, amanuensis thick.
peat whipple amanuensis primeval delicatessen primeval, marsh
shipmen leaky gage boss mispronunciation.

mash patsy taipei

leaky mouthpiece bisect? mouthpiece, clarity patsy.
leaky delicatessen mash bisect premier opine, file
raspberry patsy mouthpiece marsh gage.

remington gaul tousle

freshmen tungstate ubiquity? shipmen, clarity contributory.

kumquat upslope."

Mash Patsy Taipei! Mash her!
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