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grumpy but too tired to be sullen, or something

My blood sugars have been insane all week, and into last week.
I'm not sure why.

Today, I actually got seven and a half hours of sleep, with lots of dreams and no nightmares.
When I got up, I took my pills and tested blood sugars, and I was at 165 - too high, frankly, but not surprising since I have not been able to do my walks lately. Oh yeah, and I have not been eating enough vegetables.
I think, I need to start eating MANY MANY MANY vegetables again.

I got breakfast. One bowl of flax-based breakfast cereal, with milk and a banana.
I am supposed to eat between 45 and 60 grams of carb every four hours, to keep my system level.
Numbers from FitDay lead me to believe that this was only 60 grams of carb, although there was not nearly enough protein.

About an hour later as I was getting ready to go to work I felt REALLY shakey, and tested blood sugar again. It was at bloody 250, and felt like a severe LOW. I drank a big glass of water and ate some kippered herring, and after another three hours it was down to 198, which was 'safe to go to work' ... but I am getting REALLY bothered by this.

I was advised not to do the walking thing when my blood sugars are above 230, because the more sugar is in it, the more like corn syrup it becomes, and it's very hard to force it through all those capillaries and veins and such and it actually stresses the heart. Supposed to drink water, eat only enough to keep the liver from dumping sugar, and wait for it to drop.

So, I got in to work at 3pm, and I am very tired of this.

In other news, I still haven't gotten my state tax kick-back check, which annoys me. The possible reasons are (1) it was delivered to the wrong post box... 80% probable
(2) it was bundled into something that I recycled... 10% probable
(3) it was kept because of a clerical error, such as them trying to collect taxes I didn't pay ... 7% probable
(4) it's in the mail or hasn't been mailed yet ... 3% probable

The last bundle was supposed to have gone out last week.
The post orifice has a habit of mis-directing mail to my address, especially checks.
So. Grumph.

Anyway. Back to work.

Edit to add more stuff later

Decided to force myself to do the correct food pattern on the way home, stopped and got thai basil chicken, brown rice, and an ordinary non-seafood green papaya salad.

Well, the thai basil chicken was incredibly good (I deliberately only ate half), the brown rice was brown rice, and the green papaya salad... for some reason they used perhaps a pound of red pepper flakes. Or so it tasted like, and there was no way to remove the stuff as it was on every bite.

So, I had an endorphin salad. Yum, ow.

Now my head doesn't hurt but my lips still do.

Was 150 at 8pm when I got home. Took my meds and now, 11:45, it's only 168, and I'm having a large glass of water with airborne and a small glass of juice, and will probably have something with protein before sleep, or at 1 am, whichever comes first.

Also, remembered that I forgot to put up the church announcements on the webpage and went in to do that.

I am going barking mad... EVERY TIME that thing gets new, different formatting.
Then Yahoo exports it with gibberish. THEN I have to go through, strip all the nonsense and gibberish out, and then I have to correct stuff from the original, and then by the time it's all done, I'm done for too :)


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