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I spent several days fretting over the fact that my tax kicker check had not appeared.

This is because, in part, the check was about a buck a day for the last year.

Well, I got a mailing. See, the kicker from the year before was about $200, which was small enough that I felt it was better off remaining in the hands of the state to pay for schools, libraries, and other things that they had been CUTTING BACK because of lack of money.

So, I marked the line on my state refund that said "send my kicker check to the schools."

And I then forgot about it until yesterday when I got the letter, "Hey, thanks, we kept the kicker, please keep this notice so you can make sure it doesn't get taxed by the feds."

Edit to add: The state of Oregon is subject to a law requiring the state to return any funds collected in excess of the budget. The state may end up running in the red because of increased costs, unexpected shortfalls, etc. but they MUST return that excess, even if it doesn't make sense. This is why I donated my kicker - schools were having to cut back because of lack of funds due to the Republican-dominated state congress two years ago. This year, not so much. But, considering: school, vs. me having another toy? Schools win.

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