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Watching Tattoo and Brain Cramping

OK... As background noise, I had the Learning Channel on, and ... they have a serious and evil block of shows dedicated to tattoo shops named $city_name Ink. First was Miami Ink, then L.A. Ink, now London Ink.

London Ink is unlike the other two. So far, Miami Ink tends to have gorgeous, fit people, with the occasional fat person who is still attractive. L.A. Ink has similarly unusual, inhumanly beautiful people.
Even the studio staffs are pretty - Avi on Miami Ink is gorgeous despite having the social skills of lint. The guys in his studio are a bit greasy looking sometimes, and don't necessarily have the most aesthetically planned ink patterns, but still generally good looking.
Kat Von D ... without some of her ink would look stunning, with it, is merely quite pretty. She's hired pretty people too.

However. London Ink. Every person on that show has a good old ENGLISH body.
The girls who work at the shop are short, cute, and zaftig. The boss is that sort of leather-blazer tacky gay hustler but too old to dress that way. The other guys working at the shop? two full-on geeky boys* and one who might be accepted by the Miami folks but not pretty enough for L.A. Ink at all.

*and the ink does not improve that in any way!

And the customers... Miami inverted. Several blodgy, pale persons who have never seen sunlight, one athlete and I think he was a ringer. Yow.

Television Without Pity is probably reaming this one.


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Dec. 19th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
Yet another major difference between British TV and American TV: The Brits let their ugly people in front of the camera. They're also way, way more liberal (i.e. raunchy comedy, etc) than we are. And we Americans think we're so progressive!!
Dec. 19th, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
At least none of them has the infamous British Teeth.
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