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Flat Tire

This is the icon I normally use for "SICK!" ... when I remember to ... and came from "CLEAN OUT YOUR MUCUS" which is a bizarre page somewhere.

So, I had a Life Maintenance Hell moment tonight.

I got off work early (since I'll be running tests tonight and this weekend) to pick up a second shelf so I can make the more-stable treadmill shelf for the keyboard. Which I can then use when my stupid little toe gets over being sprained or broken or whatever it is. (I kicked a chair. It was an accident. A cat was in my way.)
Although I wasn't able to get the high density closed-cell foam block I wanted to use.

After Lowe's, I headed towards home, and realized that I needed to drop off recyclables, which I happened to have. So I did, and then as I left the depot, the inimitable VUB VUB VUB of a flat tire... not the left front, which has acted like it wanted to have a slow leak forever. No, the left REAR tire, and it utterly refused to inflate adequately - it got enough air to drive the 500 yards to the nearby Chevron station where I tried to put in more air... and it started bubbling and fizzing with great gusto.

Hooray. So. Moved the stuff out of the trunk. Put the stuff into the back seat. Got out the "spare tire" - aka the 'donut' because it 'donut last more than 25 miles' at highway speeds. Evil thing. Lifted the car on the jack. Tried to take off the wheel, or rather, the very stiff lug nuts. Brain attack. Lowered car to ground. Loosened each nut. This takes at LOT more work than I expected, and I had to stand on the wrench to get the last two off. (On the other hand, excellent workout.)

Mounted the mini-wheel, and off to Les Schwab Tires (at 5:50) and get there JUST AS THEY ARE CLOSING.
They checked the tire, find a half-inch rip, and I got to buy a new (used) tire for $35.

Which is sufficient, as I will be replacing all four of them sometime in the coming year anyway.

So, they delivered me the tire, and I put it on myself. I'll have to make sure it's properly tightened tomorrow.

Rather grungy and tired, I stopped at Zab Thai (where I got a VERY hot and spicy green papaya salad last week; this one was much more mildly spiced, although I blacked out for a half hour or so after I ate it.)

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