Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

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What the crud?

All week, and actually for the last month, I have had some sort of increasing bleaghy thing which has kept me without energy to leave the house, for longer and longer after I wake up. It doesn't stop me from working if I have the PC at home (which I don't today because I just had a 'refresh' and it wasn't working right).

So today, after yelling at myself for about two hours, I managed to get outside and into the car. The sun is shining very very brightly and it physically hurt. I mean, not vampire-blistering, but after a minute or two the brightness made me nauseous, and quite dizzy.

I called in and apologized that I had to return home, and that I would try to return tonight when the blindingly bright thing was gone.

This is really really weird. When I got in the door, out of the brightness, it was like a cold compress to the forehead.

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