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Quick update on health stuff

Since I mentioned last week's weird illness...

I have had somewhat high-normal blood pressure for quite a while.
The last year or so it's been climbing into dangerous ranges.
I had a doctor's appointment on Monday to follow up on the Januvia (new diabetic drug); the doctor had asked me to check my blood pressure daily along with blood sugars, and get back to him with results.
It was never below 135/82 during that time. At the office, it was 151/95.
Yeah, those are well into the danger zone, so I'm now taking "allopril" ... and the past few days I've felt SO MUCH BETTER it's amazing. And my bp this morning is 126/69, which is well into the 'good' range.

So, is it behind the fatigue? Dunno. My "excessive daytime sleepiness" - EDS, a narcolepsy thing, is still high and not really improving. On the other hand if I don't feel too sick to do stuff, I can start doing stuff.

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