Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Why am I up so late?

I really, really need to NOT read the news before trying to sleep at night.

Specifically I need to NOT read about Dick Cheney.

Unless, perchance, I am so fortunate to read that he, Addington, Rove, and the Bush family have all been stricken simultaneously by a horrible infestation of ferocious, quick-growing flesh devouring worms.

Yes, a biblical, judgment from God kind of thing.

I am reminded inescapably of a movie, a moody, pacifistic, really rather dramatic piece that I saw in the early 1970s, which may or may not have been current. It was science fiction, of a sort: apparently some number of people, scattered over the world, had been given these little plastic compacts which contained three buttons; the agency which provided them was never clearly explained but the people were all told, clearly, that they had the choice of pressing the buttons or not. If they did, then every person within a thousand mile radius (?) who was willing to murder other people, directly or indirectly, to attain or hold on to power, wealth, etc. Would die. Instantly, painlessly, and irrevocably.

What would this do, I wonder, to our country, to the other countries of the world.

How much of our government would be populated?

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