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Ugh. Up too late. Still haven't managed to complete my page for the comics jam, and I may just go with what I've drawn already and forget the "reaction shot" part. Yeah. That works. Especially since I have to post-process the image for sfx.

Cleaning kitchen. Ick. Taking out some of the many bags of different recyclables in kitchen.

It's dark and cloudy, which is nice, I guess.

Next weekend, I get to NOT eat anything solid starting sometime Saturday pm, and only clear liquids on Sunday, with bonus extra super-purgatives, because Monday, I get to go have cameras driven through my digestive tract.


Apr. 27th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oooh, lucky you!

Actually, it's not as bad as all that. The liquid goop they give you is minimally less disgusting if it's really cold. All the flavors are equally revolting so it doesn't matter which you choose. The first three or four glasses go down fairly easily. After that you get tired of it and just want to be able to stop drinking it. I can can still recall the texture.

The worst thing actually was the splitting headache I had the next day from dehydration. By that time I was wrapped in a surgical nightgown in the doctors' office, and freezing from the air conditioning, and idly staring at the IV they had stuck in my arm and wondering if it was true that if there's a bubble in the line, that it will kill you. By then I felt so bad I no longer cared, but I also felt vaguely guilty because there was a girl in her early 20's in the waiting room with no hair, and she wasn't whining.

Anyway, the doctor was as cheerful as a squirrel with a bag of peanuts, and he started giving me drugs, which were goooooooood. I did throw up sometime after waking up again, but I had the chance to announce it, and boy did they scramble to get me a barf bucket. I also was confused when one of my sandals fell on the floor upside down, and I couldn't figure out how to get it right-side-up. Those drugs, as I said, were good.

Gary had to scrape me up and load me into the car and drive me home, and I have almost no memory of that at all.