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Second heat wave of the year

We had a heat wave a couple months back, lasted maybe two days, with "nice" weather preceding and some good, restful rainclouds after.

I've been looking at automated weather stations on the Weather Underground ... because a friend of mine has one ... and the Weather Underground is really pretty amazing.

We have something more like a heat-pulse right now. There is a weather station on the web a short distance from where I live, and according to that, on Thursday it hit 90 degrees very briefly around 4pm; Friday it was 99 degrees at 5pm and it was above 80 degrees from 10am to 10pm.

Today, it hit 80 around 10:15am and 90 at 12:30, and has been no higher than 94.
This is still Stinking Hot by my perception. The forecast is for 80 tomorrow, and for partial clouds to return by Monday.

For my friends and family suffering in Seattle, partially cloudy, I can only say, at least you have partially ;) and that Tuesday promises to be at least overcast.

For my friends and family suffering in Salem and Dallas, Oregon - five to eight degrees hotter than here - same forecast.

Now for friends and family in Redding, California... where it claims to be 101 degrees (and probably under-reports) ... and the Redding Area Weather Service automated station reports 108 ... WHY DO YOU LIVE IN THE STINKING DESERT????

Ahem. Yeah. And they live (get this) ABOVE GROUND rather than at least burrowing underneath, like sensible people would.

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