Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

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Gorgeous weather

It's a beautiful temperature right now. Partly cloudy skies (so sun, but not oppressive) with a nice breeze, and the air is a brisk 65 degrees, at 70% humidity. ALMOST too cool.

Guts still not cooperating so I ended up not making it to church, needing to stay close to the Euphemism.
I had a nice breakfast soup though. Half cup of homemade chicken stock, some diced garlic from a jar, a slice of the candied ginger from the jar of whiskey-soaked candied ginger, and a cup or so of water, and a frozen pork chop, about 5 oz, bring to boil, reduce to allow to simmer 20 minutes. Adapted from a chinese recipe.
I could also have put in a frozen scallion from the freezer but I completely forgot. Oh well.

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