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We live in a Diet Smith world

Walking up to the main entrance at work today, I saw a fellow moving along at high speed as if on a skateboard, but as I got closer I saw that it was a Segway personal gyroscopic death machine.

He slickly maneuvered it into the area behind the bike racks and I realized two things: first, when ridden swiftly and with a semi-reckless grace it doesn't look stupid; second, it was moving the way that Chet Gould used to depict with his Magnetic Aircars, back when Dick Tracy was in its Science Fiction phase.

I have a wristwatch MP3/TV/watch which (if the ad copy were not lying) would also have an FM radio in it.
There are wristwatch cellphones that take a standard SIM card.

Still waiting for my magnetic powered flying trashcan-shaped mobile home, but they can't be THAT far off.