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This is a rather triggery month for me. I'm not going to go into great detail, but there are some days that are pretty bad.

So, Labor Day came and went.
I had an appointment today with a new neurologist. He gave me some new medication changes (higher dose in the AM of Provigil, and more frequent use of small dose Ritalin to help me deal with the bad sluggish mornings I have sometimes. I have two new prescriptions to deal with that.

I also have an appointment on the 24th for a sleep study - having gained weight since my 1998 sleep study where they found I had no obstructive sleep apnea, it's possible I now have it, and since I have a father and a half-brother who also have it, there is a possibility that it explains the cause of my increased sleepiness issues. Almost waited a week, since the 23 is Penny's 53rd birthday, but then I realized it won't change things to have the test done then. And it may, strangely enough, ensure that I get to work in time for the meeting I never get to on Thursdays.

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