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(lack of) Sleep Study

Appears I have some variety of apnea, but they didn't stick the CPAP mask on me. Woke up every time I started to snore.

I couldn't really get to sleep until I adjusted the bed (around 2:30am) because of lower back pain because of a near-total lack of lower back support. Ended up getting a couple hours at a time on either side, which sorta helped. I did have several hours of lucid dreaming, though not focused enough to do anything fun.

This was a "full brain scan" test but the gunk they use here is not the epoxy they used at Providence in 1998. They used a sort of wax instead, which was fun to wash out of my hair.

Doctor should be here soon. Due 7-7:30am.

Edit to add:
I posted the earlier part of this note from the hospital. They had open wi-fi, but it stopped working at around 7:15 and I didn't have time to reboot and fix it.

The doctor told me that I did have some apnea, but his initial impressions were that it wasn't serious enough to need the CPAP mask, though maybe it would be worth it to wear a "mandibular adjustment" thing that holds the lower jaw forward, holding the airway open.

Apparently I did snore, quite a bit, much more than I thought, even when lying on my side.

They need to add up the scores and process the data to tell for sure everything that was going on. Will be interesting to hear what they found. I have to visit the doctor for that, later in the month.

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