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random meme from demonslayer

1. what is your favourite brand of household cleaner and why? Depends entirely on what I'm using it for, and it's the one that does the job. Usually this is just hot water from a portable Steam Shark.
2. if you could bottle a particular smell; what would it be? A particular perfume that was Penny's favorite, and I _can_ bottle the smell, in fact, there's a bottle in the bathroom
3. what was the last song you sang in the shower - no lying! I've forgotten ... something silly off the radio.
4. who was the last person to give you money as a gift? Michael and Nancy
5. when you were a student was was your favourite catch phrase to say? Dude, that would be 30 years ago or more, and I seldom do catch phrases.
6. if you could go back to you in college now - as in "time travel" - what would you say to your other you about their fashion sense? Much less than I would say to my other self about how to diet and why to get into the gym and what to do when in there.
7. ever own a pair of dr martens? would you buy them again nowadays? Doc Martens. I inherited a pair from my uncle, who had them as part of a military uniform. They don't quite fit. I would not buy them again because they don't come in my width.
8. what was your very first car? what happened to him/her/it? First car was a 1954 Buick, and it was wrecked by a friend who was borrowing it. Turkey.
9. Favourite thing to buy at Jack in the Box? two cheap tacos.
10. Invent a Burger Style at In and Out and give it a name - secret menu style. I decline, thanks.
11. What do you prefer to write with Pen or Pencil? Computer. Seriously. Otherwise it really depends on the purpose for which I am writing, the texture and quality of the paper, and the final disposition of the written material resulting.
12. Last thing you doodled? Some non-representational scroogling during a boring meeting a few weeks back.
13. Most expensive item of clothing you have purchased? For me? A business suit.

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