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PBS put up a poll about whether or not their VIEWERS think Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President.

Some right-wing groups - you know, the people who don't WATCH, don't fund, and don't WANT PBS to exist, the ones who regularly try to get the allocations removed from the budget - those guys have been spamming the votes on the poll. They think people will be stupid enough to believe that PBS viewers in large numbers think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President. (The woman wasn't qualified to be mayor of Wasilla, given her performance - why would anyone think she could be VP when she doesn't even know what the Vice President DOES?)

I'm not using my Politics icon for this - I'm using my Angry Duck because, while it doesn't surprise me that this is happening, it pisses me off for its total cynical dishonesty.

Go and vote IF AND ONLY IF you actually watch PBS, so you can tell them whether or not you think Sarah Palin is qualified. I don't care which you say, frankly, more that an HONEST result is shown.

*EDIT TO ADD: No, I don't think that Conservatives all hate PBS, but there is a significant contingent who DO and the spamming is organized by, and coming from, members of that contingent.

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