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It's been some time since I actually spent more than a few seconds on an update, so here is one.

Some weeks back I was reminded of Floss Theory. This was something Penny and I came up with on a trip to visit her family, with emphasis on Dealing With Her Mom, who was becoming increasingly strange as Penny stopped responding to the button-pushing, and I continued to behave politely but refusing to play the emotional games she was playing.

We had seen the then-recently-popularized explanations of string theory and we decided that maintaining a healthy balance in one's daily life can be summarized in terms of Floss. Dental Floss refers to those habits of maintenance of bodily health, such as flossing and brushing one's teeth, getting proper exercise, taking one's meds, seeing one's doctor, regular bathing and getting enough sleep.
Mental Floss refers to doing those things which are necessary to keeping oneself sane, happy, and positive, like getting outside sometimes, being supportive and positive of each other, playing, introspection and extroversion and so forth; ongoing learning is also part of this.
Transcendental Floss is of course dealing with one's spiritual side - in our cases, habitual prayer, regularly attending church services, participating in our ongoing adult education, and participating in the church's service to others through whatever means were appropriate.
Then we thought of some added floss types.
Providential Floss involves making sure one has been paying bills, and is prepared for financial emergencies, and is examining one's career and livelihood regularly to ensure that they are consonant with the rest of the flosses, and oh yeah, making sure to keep up on new developments and techniques.
Residential Floss involves mowing the lawn, doing car maintenance, doing laundry, cleaning the home, and caring for the environment.
Experiential Floss was the physical act of going out and doing things we don't do often, because they are enjoyable and pleasant, such as attending a play or a movie or a concert, driving out to the coast or to the Oregon Zoo or the Oregon Aquarium.
We also tried to come up with a properly clever name for the maintenance of family relationships through letters, phone calls, and visits; we couldn't, though I think "generational floss" might work.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this and realizing that I am not doing my flossing nearly as much as I should, and I'm rather out of balance. Which, duh.

So. The Four Horsemen are playing again, large and small scale. Death: at work, on the 4th, my co-worker Brian K. learned that his father had passed away, aerie's mother died last week, and I know a few more connected with church have passed. Death is always busy though.

Plague: My brother's wife arranged for us to have a "family get-together" at her Mom's yesterday, since
Casey will be out of town for T-day. And her Mom told us at the end of the evening that she was so grateful that we (the extended family) came because her husband would be going into a care facility for Alzheimer's patients today. I learned that my friend Nancy had a mini-stroke a couple months back and lost her hearing in one ear, and has had a 'snap' attached to her skull so she can add a bone-conduction hearing-aid to restore some binaural type hearing. I have personally been failing to keep my blood sugars in as good control as I should (partly due to a gout attack around the 4th) which is Not Good in the long run - just tested at 248 thanks to movie popcorn dammit, and I still haven't gotten my M.A.D. (see earlier post on sleep stuff.) I know it's bad because my skin has gotten stupid again. Oh yeah, and, in the southwest, we may be repeating a pattern of prolonged drought followed by sudden rain that results in a massive Hanta-virus surge, of the kind that (after about 50 years of Spanish occupation) killed off more than 80% of the Aztec people in less than a year. (It mutated into a form that could be transmitted between humans.)

Pestilence: Nancy's husband Michael was trying to catch a stray dog which had taken up residence in their neighborhood, and was badly bitten many times, and may need a rabies series. I also blame Pestilence for the uncontrolled breeding of greed-ridden banking idiots who have got us set up for a world-wide depression, if things tip in the wrong direction.

War? Central Africa, Iraq where the violence rises and falls in tsunami-like surges, Palestine, Afghanistan, the country formerly known as Burma, the former USSR... War is rather busy.

We really don't need these guys to keep becoming more efficient, but they are.

At work, we're trying to get a release out, and there's a particularly difficult to extirpate bug in the firmware update process, for which I provide tests and execute the tests. Also there is a LOT of stuff I need to do in the 'long overdelayed' side of things. I have (over the last few weeks) gone from zero banked hours to somewhere around 46 hours banked. This does mean I can comfortably take time off for the upcoming turkey fest and visitation of the wise-guy from the East.

A Quantum of Solace ... So I was supposed to go see this with Brad and Linda, and ... well, because our last two movie nights were at the theatre about a mile away from me, I completely didn't think that the one tonight was in Cornelius, which is about 14 miles away, and so I went to REI and replaced a defective laptop-carrying backpack and stopped at Subway for a sandwich and then had PLENTY of time to get into the theatre. Here. Not there. Where they were.

SO we still need to meet for a movie, and Nancy suggested we see the Dark Knight at the Venetian Theatre and Bistro which revives a theatre which was closed in the mid-1980s. Another place Penny would have enjoyed. And I haven't seen the Dark Knight yet.

And Igor is only showing at the Avalon Theatre which used to be a great old theatre, then turned into a porno-live-humpity place, then was purchased and renovated, and is owned now by Electric Wunderland (videogames!) and is a theatre again where you don't have to wear a full-body condom to protect yourself from getting a venereal disease from the seats.

I doubt I'll get to see Igor in a big-screen theatre though. I think I'll get it on dvd or blu-ray.
Which reminds me. I need to finish putting my media PC together so I can try out the blu-ray drive.


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