Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison


Car was not cooperating today. Missed church. Battery charger hooked up, will try it later.
Lunch with Brand & Linda at Coffee First Saigon Grill which they hadn't been to before. Had the Moon Crepe ... yummy ... as an appetizer. It would serve as a light meal on its own.

Linda had a bun dish - that's the noodles with a lot of veggies and some meat along with it but no broth.
Brad had a thing made of skewers that I barely noticed.

Usually there is a sauce on the table which Penny christened "meat jam" - it's a smoky, hot, spicy, and quite delicious chili oil, and it's wonderful. They had something ELSE on the table, which was vinegary and quite nasty, but which did bring out some of the meat flavors. It was not what I wanted though. I have tried to find it and found one very good list of Vietnamese condiments but still have not found anything that looks RIGHT. I may have to just go to restaurants and ask again what they call the stuff.

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