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Not the noodle!

Have been craving salt pepper shrimp or calamari.
Before the local Thai place down the street (Zab Thai) we would go to the chinese place (or order delivery) at 185th and Baseline, called Lucky Jade. They had dim-sum any time and really pretty good food.

I'm afraid they're losing money or something - their ingredients have become weird. Still very tasty and well prepared, but I ordered pan-fried noodles, and I didn't expect to get hand-rolled noodles because the only Noodle Master I've heard of in this area was at a restaurant that closed in 1986. I also didn't expect to get ramen-style noodles. I thought I'd get something closer to yakisoba style noodles, but the ramen-style noodles (which had been reconstituted and fried) were accompanied by a vegetable, seafood, and barbecue pork stir-fry with a slightly sweet, slightly tart soy-based sauce.

So, while it was strange, it was very tasty, but it wasn't any kind of pan-fried noodles I've had before.

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