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Fail on an Amazonian scale.

One of my LJ friends (cannot find the post at the moment) had found an item on Amazon ... I beliueve it was an alarm clock ... selling for 209.00 ... and in my shock that they were charging that much for a plastic alarm clock, no matter how lovely the design, I sent them a comment.

Their clueless automated response is amusingly clueless.

Hello from!

Thank you for submitting your comments through the Feedback Box.

This is an automated response to confirm that we have received your comment. We ask that you please not respond to this auto-generated e-mail message.

If an item is listed as "Out of stock," is not able to offer the title for sale. If a title is listed as out of stock no button for 1-Click or Shopping Cart orders will appear on product detail pages.

Individual merchants however can still list their items for sale. Sellers may list items for sale at any price they feel is fair. If the item has become rare or collectible, it is possible that sellers will list the item at a price significantly higher than the original retail price.

For these reasons you may occasionally see an item with an list price lower than any of the prices being asked by individual sellers.

Best regards,
Please visit our help pages at to find answers to frequently asked questions.

In the Feedback Box you entered:
That price seems out of line. They sell in Big Lots for under $20. Do you have a database entry error?

The disclaimer that it might be rare or collectible... not particularly, if Big Lots is dumping them in the low 20s.

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