Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Just so much darn fun

Well, my boss suggests that since we have heard nothing, we will continue as if I were authorized through Q1 at least, since they haven't disapproved the ongoing business plan for the unit.

Of course they might come back at random time and say something.

Meanwhile I spent the day trying to validate my piece of this current build of software which we released today anyway, because the function it's failing with, will never be required in the real world. (I strongly suspect there is a bug in one of the "pong" images.)

Twelve hours. Spread over the time from 8:30am-ish through 9:30pm-ish ... yay.

Oh, that icon is the cover to National Lampoon #75, the "Work" issue. It depicts a man with his nose to a quickly spinning grindstone. There is blood.

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