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another epiphany

Three years ago Epiphany became for me the day that Penny went to the hospital for the last time.

Honestly it isn't so much the day causing me flashbacks so as it is the (christmas) music that's playing, which is the music from The Snowman that Penny and I watched together on PBS before going to Montana for our second married Christmas, the version with David Bowie doing the introduction.

I didn't want to cook tonight so I went to find a place for take-out.
Thought of Wu's Open Kitchen, which had the best shrimp in lobster sauce, which was a fave for Penny, and which I had gotten for her one night coming back from visiting Mom and Grandma while Penny recovered from the radiation treatments ... the restaurant changed, three years ago, into Stir Crazy Kitchen. Apparently sold by one family member to another.

Decided to get something with vegetable in it, they had Eggplant in Hot and Sour sauce, which I usually love. This was breaded and deep fried, though, which took away all the virtuousness, so I also got their special of the night, green beans stir fried with garlic (and chicken, in this case.) That was REALLY good.

Also got a take-out of hot and sour soup, which was thermally hot, but was the blandest representation of this particular soup I have ever encountered and which was completely lacking in lily buds. I remedied the flavor with a pinch of ground black pepper and a shot of coconut vinegar.

I managed to serve only one serving of each, and the rest is waiting in the fridge for tomorrow's meals.

I also got in my half-hour of walking, for a change. Now to do it every day.
(edited after initial post from SK3 when I could verify names of restaurant etc.)

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