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Wanting Crab and Not Having It

Brad and Linda and I made tentative plans to go eat crab at Reedville Cafe during their Crab Month.
It's going to be over soon. Linda has been sick all month so far, most recently with a vile cold of the phlegmish variety.

I hate to eat crab alone. Nevertheless, I will go there tomorrow for something crabbish, even though it may not be the Whole Crab (available only Friday-Sunday.)

Hm. Crab Potato Pancakes? Crab Benedict? Crab Hash? All sound lovely.

Crab Cake Appetizer? (Probably NOT)
Crab-Spinach-Artichoke Dip served with french bread? MMMMMMM
Seafood Crepe Dinner? Had that already WAY TOO carb-loaded but good.
Crab-stuffed Chicken Breast topped with Hollandaise? Maybe
Crab Bisque and Salad Combo? It can be a Caesar Salad... probably not one with crab in it.

Wonder if I can talk Mom and Mitch into driving up here next weekend.

Also it's late at night, I'm hungry (for no good reason) and I have a freaking CHOCOLATE DEATH CAKE in the fridge that I have to get rid of, which means, take to church. I should pre-slice it so it can be served more safely.

I took lousy blurry cellphone-camera pictures of it, and the key lime cheesecake which did NOT survive (I only had one piece, but it was well loved by all, and the cake when eaten was ... stunning. I still have 3/4 left.)

Blathered about the making of these on anita_margarita's journal ... will copy that text over here sometime later, probably into a comment. I freaked out a couple people by describing how I hacked the cake recipe. I didn't tell them how I hacked the cheesecake.


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