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Long time since my last update.
Partly this is because I'm just burnt from the schedule at my new part time job.
I am training at Norm Thompson's for a call-center customer service position.
Yeah, that's the person who answers the phone when someone calls in a white hot rage because the shade of pink in the socks they just bought doesn't contrast well with the shade of green in the velour warmups they bought three years ago, and they want it fixed now dammit!
OK, it's not usually that petty. Some people, though.

Anyway. 7AM arise time for an 8:30 arrive-at-work time, 2pm escape. I'm gonna ask them to make it part time for good. Cause, I've got another part-time contract thing for a friend that makes considerably better money, doing something related to my skills.

But taking catalog orders and doing customer service? That's just plain fun. I love it. At this company, anyway. The whole place is just pure customer service orientation, if the customer isn't happy, they _understand_ that they can end up losing potential profits for years. So ... you can pretty much do anything to save a (legitimate) customer. Some people, however, are indeed weasels, and can be counted on to try to rip off the company. Fortunately we're learning to recognize the weasels.

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