Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison


Half can of chili-no-beans.
Some egg whites saved from the last few days making cat food.
Some random veg. from the salad bin.

As they say on Splendid Table, "How do you make dinner out of that?"

So. I had a bag of shredded cabbage. Five egg whites plus two whole eggs, I tossed in a shot of thai fish sauce (which was overkill) and two tablespoons of rye flour. Whisked to get a thin batter. Added a good handful of the cabbage and the half-can of chili con carne sin frijoles. Whisked together to get an evenly distributed mess. My brain was thinking, "okonomiyaki con carne".
Melted a teaspoon of bacon grease in the nonstick omelet pan.
Added the batter, and cooked on medium for about 15 minutes, loosening it with the weird silicon omelet flipper that I got a while ago.
Hit it with ta generous spray of he japanese sprinkles - mix of szechuan pepper, sesame seed, seaweed, and something else I forget, but it comes in a shaker. After the 15 minutes passed with it still a bit wet on top I turned it down to med-low and left it for 10 more minutes, then used the flipper to flop it onto the other side.
Since I had no sauce, I made a fast sauce;
2Tb ketchup, 1/2 tsp each soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and chili-sesame oil, and 1Tb thai fish sauce.

It was gorgeous. Yum. Well, except, I think next time I will use dried shrimp that are slightly rehydrated rather than using the chili. OOOH, or a slice of spam diced up.

But then what to do with the chili?

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