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Seven hours of sleep left me peculiarly groggy, but I got up at 8am anyway and staggered around until the drugs took effect, then got showered, shaved, and grabbed a three-taco combo at Taco HBell and got to church with five minutes to spare. Of course, eating the second taco, I inhaled at the wrong moment (damn circular breathing practice!) and got a bit of hot-sauce-infused taco chip in the upper back of my throat where it proceeded to make me cough, sniffle, and bark for about 10 minutes. Still, after it was removed and cleared, I went in, ended up talking with a friend for about 15 minutes, and got to the sanctuary JUST before the Prayers of the People. I need to get there for more sermons, even though I tend to fall asleep during the sermons.

Anyway, got there in time for the end of Prayers of the People and the universal confession, skipped my place in line for communion in order to get done in time for healing team (we do prayer and laying-on-hands just after communion and while communion is ongoing, in a private and quiet place off to the side.) We were there just a bit longer than usual, and the last hymn was one that I really love the tune for, but with different lyrics. Chatted a bit with people afterwards, and then headed out when the sciatica got to be too much.

On the way to the comic place I stopped at Batteries + and learned that they cannot get the special battery that the pre-2002 Prius used for their accessories. (They have a big bank of batteries that run the electric motor and a second, tiny, stupid battery that runs the radio, headlights, AC fans, and all that other stuff, and oh yeah, powers the gas motor.) Since the original battery was about half the size it should have been there was a recall, but the original owners of my car did not replace the battery, and as a result Toyota wants me to pay $360 for the work of removing the old BATTERY BRACKET, putting in a new bracket and battery, and so forth. No thanks. They recalled it, the recall should not have expired. They should not have sold it with the old battery and bracket in place. So, continuing to just carry my charger with me. Just, keeping it charged every weekend instead of letting it go flat by driving with it hooked up.

Picked up my comics, highly annoyed to find that three comics I DO subscribe to were not there, while there were about a skillion of some tie-in that I did not ask for, filling up the box.

PLEASE TFAW. Put the stuff I order in FIRST, then worry about the fecking tie-ins.

Anyway, about to head out to meet up with a friend from the group at Intel where I worked in 2005, who I haven't seen in person since then. He's got a new dog to join his other two, and likes to take them to various park-like settings for their walkarounds.

When I get home, I have laundry and dishes, but I can do those while playing City, or while writing some character bios. I'm way overdue for the writings.


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Feb. 8th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
... now I have Modern Love stuck in my head. Eh, worse songs.

Feb. 9th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Yes, it could have been much worse. (I will not name names, but SOME PEOPLE have been quite naughty with the earworming lately.)
Feb. 9th, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
I've just started subscribing to stuff from TFAW, your experience with them does not give me *warm*fuzzies*.
Feb. 9th, 2009 02:59 am (UTC)
This is at a storefront. They're generally pretty good folks, but when you subscribe in person at a storefront you are sometimes subject to some annoying artifacts.

Still better than when it was Pegasus Books and Mike (yes, the Mike who is the founder/CEO of Dark Horse) would pull my comics (and various other people's comics) in order to fill orders for people who were walk-ins.

This happened because I failed to be there to pick up comics every week on Wednesday after they were placed out.

The new guys running it are NOT jerks in that way, and do not pull asshattery deliberately, they just don't always pay enough attention.

You should be perfectly safe subscribing to them by mail but if you're using a local storefront, be vigilant, as it is the nature of such places to sometimes upfux.
Feb. 9th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
I'm just remembering my experience with the local comic shop I used for 25 years before they decided they didn't need my multi-thousand a year business. Anything I put on auto-pull should be pulled, no "uh, I forgot and we don't have any left". If they know my tastes in comics well enough to take a chance and throw something extra in the box, there should be absolutely no hassle if they guessed wrong and I hand it back to them.
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