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odd triggery days

This week is a rather triggery one for me. Not only is it a Thursday-the-12th, but Saturday is the 14th of February, which would have been our 28th Anniversary, and it's one of the somewhat rare years when that day falls on the same day of the week when we actually got married, in 1981.

I've already identified some displaced-stress irritation, some additional unwanted mopiness, and of course, I had a much more productive (yet frustrating) day at work because of the intense focus on NOT flashing back.
My blood sugars are, however, still stupid, and while I have to go to the sleep-specialized dentist (yeah, there is such a thing!) tomorrow, we also have a VERY urgent and VERY late product release that keeps slipping, as various parts of this highly complex system are tuned tighter and suddenly break in very rare, very weird, and very calamitous ways that would only be seen by that one special customer in hundreds of thousands.

So my distractions are sufficient.
I didn't fall apart at 4:30 in the afternoon like I tend to do on January 12ths. I did, however, have the same overwhelmingly sleepy blackout moment as I've had on Thursday the 12ths, since Jan. 2006.
I'm not sure what's going to be happening in my head on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to go in to the office, early. I am, however, awake at 3am. So. Four and a half hours sleep?
That's probably more than enough.

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