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Why my brain scares me

I went into the kitchen to make dinner. Fine, frozen shrimps getting WAY OLD, cook them, add the frozen and saved broccoli and some jarred spaghetti sauce, that'll work.

So. Shrimp into smaller cast iron frying pan with water. Bring to boil. Brain is bored, starts pondering random word sequences. Mysoti ... the name of the tee-shirt online vendor that cobie is using to sell turtles. I wonder how that's pronounced. Meeeso tee? My ghod please let it not be a clever hook from the language of the foul Gungans, for whose creation maligned be Lucas who serves the black goat of a thousand young, please let it not be Gungan for "Meesa Tee Shirt Shoppe"...

Rinse the shrimp to cool them down so I can shell them. Something else for brain. Aha. Wil Wheaton's "I am so lame I must explain it in detail" article in today's LA Daily, for surely Star Trek is the antidote to Star Wars, as the Beatles are to the Rolling Stones ... yes. Oh no. Stop it brain.


THERE's KLINGONS ON THE STARBOARD BOW STARBOARD BOW STARBOARD BOW..." Brain, shut up or I will hit you with this pan, even if there ARE shrimps in it.

Those are PRAWNs.


uh oh

RULE 34!! AND (this is why I don't let you write fanfic) [shut up or I'll make it explicit]

OK, so Klingons, ergo, Worf, not on tha starboard but in Ten Forward, and why? Well, it's from that weird 7th season thing with Worf popping between universes, but it's the Rule 34 universe so the Klingons, instead of becoming the badassest warriors in their part of the galaxy, became the greatest lovers, and Worf is in Ten Forward, and the Captain is constantly having to get him out of his many, many hot and heavy (stop that) so

"The Klingon's in Ten Forward now, Forward now, Forward now the Klingon's in Ten Forward Now, Holy COW! Captain!!!"

WHANG. I warned you.

OK, fine, I'm just going to blog about this when you finish eating.

See what I have to put up with?


Mar. 5th, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
That's are not shrimp in the pan, those are babel fish and if you hit yourself you'll start understanding all those OTHER weird ...

Uh, too late.


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