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Friday news

Some interesting things I found in the news this evening.

Conservtives are more easily disgusted. Now that's an interesting notion, given the nature of the political spam I've been getting from the RNC. It's all about the disgusted, except when it becomes self-righteous and defensive. (Of course, SOME of the Democratic party politcal spam is about as bad but instead of talking disgust, it's about the moral outrage.)

Lower-methane Cow Farts from Omega 3s. Yes, it seems our modern low-omega-3 diet from the cereal grains is not really good for cattle either. It makes them burp methane.

Controversial not-candy-honest-really smokeless tobacco products? Hey, they're finely milled tobacco packaged in ways that make it impossible to recognize as tobacco. Are they carcinogenic too? Well, that's a good question.

It's LaCroix, darling. And it's in receivership. Where WILL Patsy go to be fashion-victimized?

Since when is an eyebrow shaver a "no tolerance" device? And how can a school official be so stupid as to cut herself on such a thing? Especially if it was this Sephora eyebrow razor which is NOT recommended for use by anyone under 18, by the way. Then again it looks like Pittsburgh Schools are a freaking WAR ZONE ... only not really. And will I be surprised when they expel the girl who had the gun planted in her gym bag by some fellow student? No, because Zero Tolerance is so constitutionally sound.

ON THE OTHER HAND SPACE STUFF IS STILL COOL. Especially pictures of the shuttle with the sun behind it.

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