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Brain bleeds, yet the topic is cool...

So, I know that the persona that you see on a television "hostoid" is pretty much a fake one.
And still, some of those personae are obnoxious to the point of making me desire to stab.

Here's an example. Bre Pettis (yeah, that's the man's name, not a random string created by a bad name generator) is the founder?/front/representative of MakerBot, a startup which is trying to get going on a cheap 3-d printer. A 3-d printer is a device that lets you create a plastic model from a 3-D CAD file, and this is an open-source device too.

Here's a video presenting them. However, most of the focus of the video is dragged off of the wonderfulness of the device by the incredibly, incredibly annoying, stupid, brain-stabbing persona of the hostess, Irina Slutsky.

It's not ONLY her voice (She could give "grating" lessons to Kathy Ireland). It's not ONLY her attire. It's that she acts like one of those 15-going-on-11 social ineptitude posterboys who suddenly woke up in the body of a woman with breasts bigger than her head, but still wears the same tee-shirt for weeks at a time.

Anyway. Watch this, but muting means you lose useful info, like that they're selling assemble-yourself kits for this thing for about 750 bucks.

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