Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison


The world has become a very different place from what it was when I started working years ago.

I had a bad night for insomnia last night, wasn't able to sleep until 5am (although I know I had blacked out at some point for about an hour earlier in the evening) ... if I avoid caffeine during the afternoon, I inevitably end up without the crash that signals me that it's time for bed :P And of course if I have it too late in the day it keeps me awake too long. 4pm seems to be the optimal time.

Anyway when I woke up at 10am I was too groggy and also a bit queasy, so at 1pm I checked blood sugars, about 210 (have been steadily under 150 lately, so that's a relatively bad spike) and still shaking, so decided to work from home.

The fact that (1) my managers not only understand this but are not judgemental about it, and (2) that I am ABLE to work from home, without missing meetings (phone!) is just worlds of awesome.

I am very sympathetic with those folks for whom this is not a possibility.

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