Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

So. On my 13th birthday, I got what I considered to be the best possible birthday gift.
We went to the moon. For real. They launched July 16, 1969 at 13:32 UTC (9:32 a.m. local time) which was 7:32AM for me. I got up early for this.

So when I was four years old, my Dad got me a bicycle, a nifty little slightly-too-large-for-four-year-old bike from Firestone, I think it came with a set of tires. It was very cool. It had streamers on the handles, training wheels, I was able to ride it everywhere (that I was allowed to go).
Naturally given that my folks had split up and I spent half the year with one, half with the other, it vanished at some point. (Most of first grade was in Polson, but before the year was out, I was sent to live with my dad.)
The bicycle reappeared, at the new place, but was promptly "reassigned" to my stepbrother by my stepmother - she seemed to have a knack for knowing when I liked something so that it needed to be taken away and given to one of her kids, whether they wanted it or not. And then when we moved, it had pretty much vanished, reappeared for a while before 5th grade when I moved out to stay with my Mom for the summer, then vanished again when I was back with my dad, and no idea where it ended up. So, here it was, returned, but it had been converted to a Sting-Ray style, which was completely amazing and awesome. It was also a bit too small for me by the end of the summer, but, Sting-ray!! Complete with the dangerous and wonderful impale-o-matic stick shift!

That was a great birthday. I was a teenager, and we went to the moon.

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