Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Writer's Block: Parental Involvement

Are you friends with your parents?

Yes, mostly. I love my Dad, but sometimes I don't think much of his opinions, which are sometimes a combination of credulously believing targeted propaganda, and having been raised in an era of casual racism. But he's always been a loving dad.

Mom, I am indeed friends with. There are parts of my life I don't discuss with her, but in general, we're closer than many of my friends are with their parents, and part of this was that she talked to me as a person when I was younger, and that she recognized that even if I was a kid, I had my own feelings and thoughts and that I wasn't stupid. She explained the details of her marriage and divorce from my stepfather without leaving out any unflattering details. She explained the circumstances of my conception and birth when she was still quite young, and frankly that's one reason I did NOT mess around as a teen-ager, and her failure to explain that to my younger brothers may explain some of their too-early fatherhood issues.
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