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Mad Phishing

Got a text message on my cell Saturday afternoon.


VISA@VISA.COM / VISA (Card Blocked Alert). For more information please call 1-877-543-7987. Thank you. /

So, I never signed up for auto-text-messaging of VISA access blocking. Curious, I called the number.

"Welcome to the First Technology Credit Fraud Hotline. Please enter your sixteen digit account number followed by a pound sign." This in the VERY familiar voice of the First Tech Customer Service Robot.

Wait. I called the number they gave me. Last time I had an issue I was given a number to call, and it told ME who I was. I smelled worms. Someone was phishing.

So this morning I called First Tech, got a customer service agent, and told her about it.

She checked my account, using my name, birthdate, and special sekrit password.
"That message did NOT come from us. Did you give them any numbers?"

I said "No, of course not. They're supposed to know who I am."

"You would be surprised how many people will give their number."

I would not be, because this thing had raised my paranoia.

SO. Once again, glad I knew better.

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