Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

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Fifty Four

Today (Wednesday, not Thursday) was Penny's fifty-fourth anniversary-of-birth.

I had a very strange dream on waking which I don't clearly remember except that Penny was, for some reason, my doctor, and I had some sort of cardiac thing, and I ended up having all my internal organs removed, and had to wait a while with everything sort-of-not-working in some sort of limbo.

Of course it's all very obvious when I'm awake thinking about it later, but it was simultaneously hilarious and creepy in a black-comedy sort of way while I was stuck in the dream.

Still having major issues with sleep, fatigue, and concentration.
Started a post about all the comedy of medical errors but haven't finished it.

Hope to get it done sometime soon, but it reads a lot like whining, and I'm tired of that too.

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