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So. Work.
OK, there are three things about this job.
First, it's telephone call center customer service.
On the good side of that, we can do ANYTHING we think is appropriate to fix their problems, we love our customers.
On the bad side of that, the scheduling rules are unwarrantedly dehumanizing and they have negative flexibility. No idea why.
Second, the pay is inadequate. By taking this job, I will be making exactly what I do on unemployment, give or take a few bucks. This is Not a good thing.
Third, there's something about the pace of the work that's emotionally draining. It's very neat, being able to help people get what they want, or to make them feel better about what's happening. It's not so neat that you can't really rest.

And... I'm narcoleptic. The pace is unrelenting. At my programming job I could go off when I needed to, take a ten minute nap, and return to do my work. Since I was usually at work for much longer, it didn't seem to matter. And, I was able to go in late if I needed to. That may be a luxury I won't be finding for a while though.

Listening to the radio on my way home doesn't help a lot. The Christian Rock station which I listen to (in lieu of the alternative rock station which has a 'personality' show in the afternoon, what a waste of airtime) ... they were playing the insipid stuff. Spew.
So I go to the NPR station... and it's a whole bunch of stuff about the impending Bush War, and the impending Bush Depression, and the triple-witchy-crashy that may happen on Monday as all the programmed portfolios and rich bastards divest divest divest to improve their bottom lines by a few fractions of a cent per stock. Pfui.

I think I will go take that nap now. So I can be online later without falling asleep when I don't want to.

It is a hallmark of my excessive REM deprived state that I am forcing myself not to combine the characters of Mehitabel and Chewbacca, so as not to sing at you all a long involved poem entitled 'Toujours gronk!' ... OK, sleep is needed.

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