Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Need to replace contact list.

Greetings, dear friends.

Thanks to the three-way clusterskcuff of Microsoft Data Centers, Danger-now-owned-by-Microsoft, and T-Mobile pushing a broken firmware update from Danger to all Sidekick phones, I am now the proud owner of an empty brick rather than a useful central device for coordinating my data.

The phone itself has a SIM card (which held an old copy of my contact list as it existed on my phone in 2005) and a big honking SD card I added (which contains music and PLENTY of room for photos, but I didn't have the small number of critical photos on the flash card, and you cannot back up other information to the SD card, because gosh golly their data center will handle all that for us, right?

So sometime last week, they discovered that something was BROKEN at the data center, except, as far as I could tell when I looked, my data was still there on the data center. T-Mobile sent out an urgent, nay, frantic note telling us all that we needed to leave our phones powered on and not under any circumstances to unplug the battery or let it drain all the way.

And, yesterday on my way home, I glanced at my phone and there was the little spinny icon that said the phone was going through its power-up cycle. Which I have only seen when I deliberately power it off (I did not) and when a firmware update PUSH has happened from the network.

Yes. T-Mobile, a week after announcing their collective disaster, was still pushing the broken update.
And my photos, memos, calendar, and contact list (150+, not backed up onto SIM card because it can only be done a single number at a time and I never bothered and it doesn't actually store full data there anyway) was completely gone. I was able to find 20 phone-number-only entries, the rest of it's unreliable or I know it to be obsolete.

So, it's very likely that I no longer have correct information for you.
If you are someone who wants me to have your information, please leave a comment with your name, address, phone numbers, emails, birthdays, favorite color, airspeed of a laden swallow, and any other relevant contact information, and I will put it back on my phone. Which may end up NOT being this lovely SK LX2009 phone since I see no indication that this data is coming back quickly, and I see very little reason to trust their server-centric, backup-inhibited bugware at this point.

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