Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Misbehaving CATS

OK, my cat Clint is being a little JERK lately.

Because of some circulation issues, I have a chair which reclines slightly, elevating the feet.
He likes to climb up and curl up on (what he thinks is) my chest. His enormous cat butt with pointy "heelbone" parts is jammed into a pressure point on my left arm, and the 2300 pounds of cat weight benumbs my left hand.
So, I try to shift him.

Lately he has been GROWLING about it. Swearing, in cat. Foul foul language.
Normally I put him on the floor immediately, but today he was squinking and nuzzling, so I let him stay for a while longer - about 15 minutes, before I had to shift, and the growling started, and any movement, even a deep breath, got it going more, so I finally had enough, but when I tried to lift him off, he grabbed my hand and bit.

Not enough to break skin, because he knows better ... but the claws do break skin, so I bapped him (light, open-pawed slap to the head like mom-cats do) and then put him on the floor. No more climbing on me tonight. Cat is in COVENTRY.

Still. Wondering what's up with this recent trend. It's quite annoying.

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