Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

thallium tress test in progress

At nuclear medicine clinic. Thallium has been administered and tastes tinny. I am radioactive.
They may do treadmill instead of adenosine depending on what the ekg tells them. A treadmill test would be faster so I will do that if possible.

0849: Just finished treadmill phase and am tasting thallium again thanks to the second shot. Ekg still shows an abnormal thing that could be a Q-wave but it's on the apparently infamous Lead 3 which the doctor says is also likely to pick up diaphragm signals, so not a big deal. I did get the warning to be careful for the usual signs of heart attack. They have to give that warning to everyone who takes the test.

So, waiting for second set of pictures to be taken. After that I can get breakfast and go to work.

11:00 am
Finished about 9:50 AM and rather than buying one of the carb and sugar bomb brekfasts at the hospital, just drove home, got my work pc, and came in to office. Grabbed two corndogs and a diet coke at Sonic (yes, I know, not any better) and m now ready to fight the good fight.
Or something. Work promises to be fun today. I shall have to be careful not to reveal that I am enjoying it.
Tags: medical tests

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