Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Just a bit irritated by my nemesis.

I suppose you think I shouldn't HAVE a nemesis.

Well, so do I. Doesn't help; they're self-appointed. In this case I was running a little late today, had to clean up dishes and try to postpone my trainer (having one's ear fall off in a workout? Not a good thing.) Oh, I didn't mention the zombie necrosis?

Yeah, it's contagious but I should be over it in a few days. It's not like I'm going out in public, and definitely no appetite for brains, not that the cat is in any danger of having hers eaten. (Besides I've put her in storage for a week, just in case.)

But it's just One More Thing, y'know? I was looking online for a replacement day-job, because it's still a shameful and boring thing not to have one, even though I can probably manage for a few more months if necessary, and I came across something good, and it had a clearly illegal but who would be able to argue ban on anyone who's had contact with zombies. But I did get to put in some apps at other sites, we'll see.

Thing is, Dr. Zombie Shark (that'll be my nemesis, he chose his own name too, brilliant huh?) snuck the zombie nanos into my order from Abandozon, and it took a week before I noticed that I couldn't feel my feet and a day later I was looking up symptoms on the diagnostic pages, and there it was, "Stage One Zombie Necrosis" along with "Easily treated by topical EMP" but we all know that topical EMP will erase ALL the nanos you're carrying.

I suppose I shouldn't have erased his lair from Getta Life Online, but really, the thing was catastrophically ugly - and I say that meaningfully; it was causing all my aesthetic enhancements to decay, and overwriting the blanks with his cheap, tawdry, disgusting corp-logo-filled garbage. I won't go into the details of severed bleeding bodyparts, but ... yeah. It was like a Type Three Ugly-Stick but with an AOE rather than requiring a pseudophysical hit.

ANYWAY, I took it to GLO and they said that I should treat it like an attack. So I did. I use an aiki style defense; I turned his own tacky energy against him with a redirect and it reacted by deleting the source of the attack: Itself. Not really my intent, but he could have stopped it any time before that, and he had an hour of realtime. That's forever.

So his clever rejoinder is to attack my physical reality. Thing is, I do my backups. I've already told the Health Enforcement Agency about it, stuffed some of the zombie nanos into a stasis box with my explanation, and I'm waiting for the lethality code to kick in. (Yes, they're the standard cheap stupid zombie nanos, nothing new here, he's totally a script-shark.) When they do, I reboot from backup, which means he's completed any legitimate vengeance he might have, and since my consciousness isn't destroyed, he's safe from a murder charge, but not from a Rightful Vengeance challenge. Thank you NRA for that. And the HEA will make him pay for the reboot costs, which is not going to be cheap.

So sometime tomorrow or the next day, I get a clean restart, fresh un-zombied body, someone else cleans the extra nanos from my quarters, and I get to do my own thing to Dr. Zombie Shark, which I'm thinking, either de-sharking or de-zombie-fication ... one or the other. Any suggestions?

Oh, and don't worry, this is locked so he can't even read it. He's most definitely NOT on any degree of friends list at the moment.


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