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SO. A quick note to document this in my memory replacement device.

About three weeks ago, I started feeling a bit of pain in my back left teeth. I figured it was a cavity or something. It kept getting worse, so last week I ended up at the dentist on Friday, having it the back molar front filling drilled out, some minor new decay removed, and a new filling placed. Joy, I haven't been paying for dental coverage because it was ridiculously expensive.

Then I discovered that wearing my mouthpiece, the one I wear at night to keep my jaw from sliding back and my airway from closing, was PINCHING the teeth, and that I was SQUEEZING them at night. Grinding teeth together, apparently... it resulted in a powerful ache that hasn't really stopped.

And the top molar is now sore too, though the dentist didn't see anything wrong with it. He suggested that there might be a hairline crack or two in teeth there.

Anyway, the first day I didn't notice it, but day before yesterday I couldn't wear the mouthpiece at all, it was so sore. Last night, I was able to wear it by reminding myself hard, "Do not bite down hard."

Still. Upper tooth store, lower tooth not quite fitting the mouthpiece, I may need to visit the people at Sleep Medicine again to get another adjustment made. :P

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