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For the vast majority of the past 30 years, I would have spent the 14th of February in as much of a holiday mood as possible. Penny and I would have traded off making fancy food items, though the amounts and complexity varied and had been greatly reduced for a while.

Today, I believe it would have been steaks - not rib steaks, but tenderloin, cut very thick, and then butterflied out into a heart shape, and not a huge amount. We'd have fresh asparagus, steamed, served 'bagna cauda' style - with melted butter, olive oil, anchovies, and a clove of garlic to flavor the oil, in a fondue pot. Oh, and probably artichoke hearts and pieces as well, if I'd been able to find them.

The excess would be absorbed by small personal-sized baguettes - they make them at the local New Seasons, and if they had the wine guy there we'd have gotten a decent pink-to-light-red wine to go with the meal - because we'd also have dungeness crab, one crab between the two of us, shelled out and warmed in the bagna cauda and laid across the baguettes.

And for dessert, well, I saw today that a chef realized how to make a mousse by simply melting good quality chocolate and water together, then whipping it in a chilled bowl. That would be dessert.

But for the last six years, that's not been possible, since Penny was in an uncharacteristic hurry to get to the party first. My great thrill today was working for ten hours to try to figure out why a firmware update process was failing, culminating with my tester's brown thumb resulting in a system which won't boot (I'll have to use a flash programmer to physically rewrite a clean image.)

At least it kept me focussed and not moping.

So. 31 years ago, at about 2pm, Penny and I joined our lives together; we managed almost 25 years before her body became so much of a prison that God freed her.

Also, on Saturday I went over to the Smith's for a visit, a prolonged game of Settlers of Catarn, and a dinner out. When I got there, an instance of the little pink dragon - a red salamander - was on the sidewalk, saying hello.

And with that I am going to go to bed now.
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