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Dragon Tries To Eat Sun, News at 11:00

So there's going to be an annular eclipse on May 20th. Like most such things, it won't be visible as such over most of the planet. But, the area where it IS visible will include Northern California. It looks like it will be visible late in the day, since it will be coming out of eclipse at sunset in Albuquerque. But if you are in the area, and you have the chance, please (use appropriate eclipse-watching precautions!) if you photograph it, post the pictures!!

Otherwise, enjoy!

Edit to add: And the Pacific Northwet does it to us again.
We should have had a partial annular eclipse - that is, a crescent sun - and I'm pretty sure we would have except for the clouds in the way.

Also? When I edited this ... Livejournal misread my "save changes" as "delete entry"... and I had to recover it from the edit buffer.

So, unfortunately, useful replies were deleted. I've disabled comments to this one.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH, LJ, for being consistently stupid.

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