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Wherein I spend two days in the kingdom of the fungi.

Spent yesterday and today helping my brother move out of the trailer he was going to buy before he discovered that it was infested with 23000 different varieties of pernicious mold.

We drove down yesterday at 9am and didn't even get done with the crap in the house, because it mostly was NOT packed yet.
It was cold and rainy all day, trying to snow but too warm for success, until it got dark around 5pm, and we decided that enough was too much, and we would come back today to finish it.

The house was so nasty that I ended up coughing all the way home and Ty was having allergy attacks nonstop. When we got home I dumped all my clothes in the washer with a couple scoops of oxy-clean to kill the spores.

Between Vinnie the world's most allergenic cat and the mold gunk that hasn't gotten clear, I dreamed this morning that I was smoking cigarettes that I stole from my mom. (Mom can't smoke any more, as she has even worse lungs than the brother I was helping to move, and lighting up would detonate the oxygen tanks. Thank you, Philip Morris.)

Another 9am run south this morning, I ended up springing for the u-haul and for a run to the dump when the dumpsters were already full. I'm now considering three or four complete rinses with the neti pot.

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