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Power Ranger Moi:

Shade: Light
Level: Dino (Body)
Color: Yellow
Archetype: The Fixer
Traits: Recessive Positive Feminine
You are a Light Yellow Saber-Toothed Tiger (RPF)
Wielders who draw from the Light tend to be what most consider 'good;' noble, unselfish, compassionate, honorable-- or at least hold these up as an ideal to shoot for. Should a holder betray these virtues completely, he or she will find that the connection has disappeared.

Dino types are physical, usually preferring to bull through a problem with a minimum of fuss. Once started on a course of action, they find it hard to turn aside or change tacks. Strong and stalwart, they nevertheless possess all the subtlety of a chainsaw.

Yellows are also considered healers. Unlike Pinks, though, they don't so much want to relieve pain as fix what's broken. This is an important difference, as it explains why Yellows are more able to let people hurt, to deal with the pain and grow from the experience. Not that Yellows aren't compassionate. They are, they don't like seeing people hurt. But they tend to be more concerned with fixing the damage than simply relieving the pain, and they know that sometimes, without pain, nothing is going to get fixed. Yellows are often healers of mind and spirit, and also of rifts between friends. Whatever a Yellow sees as broken, he or she will desperately try to fix.

For many Yellows, this desire to fix things spills over into a fascination with machines and mechanical equipment. Many Yellows are what is known as 'techs--' people with mechanical skill, but no creative, inventive streak.

A Recessive person is usually in the background, letting the friends do most of the work, providing support when necessary. A Positive person is active, in the front of the battlefield, in the midst of the action. A Feminine person is not definitely female persay; rather, he or she uses his or her teammates from the get-go when dealing with problems. A Feminine person prefers to use a cooperative effort to help tackle difficulties, getting friends involved.

Take the test here.

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