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Another gaming rant

Don't click the cut link if you get offended by pissing and moaning.
You have no excuse for complaining to me if you do, because I warned you.


OK. I ought to know better than to expect a bunch of volunteers to be consistent, even equitable. But I'd love it if they were at least literate.
Here's the thing. Back in October, I participated in a Halloween scene on XMA mux, X-Men Alpha. Due to some miscalculations, I had my character, Cal Rankin (Mimic) operating at a higher power level than I should have - the person he was copying was listed in traits at a particular level, and I misread the level. The scene continued but at the end I got a summons by the staffers there, complaining about (1) me not playing my character's flaws (bullshit) and (2) imposing some new limits that weren't part of my application in the first place. Specifically, I was forbidden to have Cal, whose power is to make a weaker copy of other mutants' powers, making copies of characters who could be expected to be around and within range, but whose players were not connected, unless continuing a scene which had already started and been paused.
Oh, and I couldn't do it without the OOC consent of the other character's player.
Oh, and all the training I'd done with Cal 'off panel' was invalidated, I could only have him copy someone IN SCENE to have it count towards his training levels, which were the built-in way he would get better with another character's power.
Basically this threw away almost a year's worth of RP.
So I played the guy's flaws for a month. His worst power flaw was that he could not copy someone more than a certain percent or for longer than four hours at a stretch without their personality beginning to creep in and override his own. So, he stopped copying. Still able to sense mutants and tell what their power was, but not to actually take a copy without migraines.
Then I started trying to figure out what would make things work for the character to still be Mimic. And the answer was pretty obvious.
In his Exiles appearances, the character has the power to copy up to five people's powers at fifty percent. The limit is that he cannot uncopy once he's made a copy, so he's stuck with it.
I offered that he could copy four people at fifty percent, permanent except for staff-approved changes, and that they had to approve anything he archived.
I was told this would not be acceptable, as it was too much power for him to be able to do that when living among a group of so many mutants, and if I should ever come up with something else that did work for me to be sure to contact them about it.
What the fuck? Does "cannot uncopy" and "Staff approval only" mean squat to these nimrods?
OK. I talked it out with a friend of mine who's on staff there. Alias is Nuke. And got nothing, no encouragement to continue, no suggestion for what might be satisfactory. What I did get was the impression that staff there would be happy to see me go away forever. See, I had made two big stinks about the way they did some things, first when they had someone playing a key character in a way that's consistent with the comics, but not with the character as played in the game before - that caused some turbulence - and secondly by objecting loudly and in public to the decision to let another character violate the policy of 'no outsiders' that had been put in place in the place where my character lived. So. Too disruptive, go away.

Not a problem. Glad to oblige. Thanks for the hint, friend. As of tomorrow, after having given two week's notice, Calvin Rankin will be retired from play on XMA and they will probably not let him be re-applied.
After all, only certain select staffers can be trusted to play characters who have a modicum of power there. Oh, do I sound bitter? Too bad. Bite me.
I don't have any other characters there, nor do I want to try for one.

The other thing I want to rant about is simply the same shit on a different forum. This didn't happen to me, it happened to a friend. I figured out who the player was, by coincidence and timing. Anyway, they had two players on Brave and Bold (BNB) ... yeah, another mux ... trying for the role of Lois Lane. The character is a key character, so they had an interview-off between the two players, and my friend was the one whose interview was best.
She had the right to do the character application.
What nobody bothered to tell her is that she wasn't the personal friend of the staffer in charge of Metropolis, so no way in hell would she be allowed to succeed with that application.
She put together an amazingly complete app, and was rejected in SEVEN pages that included such genius as "The car, you say it's fire engine red. It is not, it's metallic red." ...
Say what? You can tell that from a fucking COMIC BOOK PAGE?
So she decided, quite rightly, that it wouldn't be worth it.
The other person was approved within two days. Amazing. And her description of the car in question just says "red".
I'll avoid Metropolis, should I ever get a character finished there.


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Feb. 22nd, 2003 08:59 pm (UTC)
Post for the Lois apper pt. 1
I heard about this entry through the grapevine and felt it necessary to respond. I was the first Lois applicant at BNB, the one who did not complete the application. I do not have a live-journal so I asked a friend who does to post this response for me. Some of the points in this entry were absolutely correct. However, not all were and out of a sense of fairness I wish to fix the incorrect assumptions.

The App-Off itself was carried out fairly. My application was NOT as good as the other applicant. My interview and RP sample apparently were better which is why I was granted the chance to setup the character. I did not look at her application (although she had set it visual) until after I won the app-off. At that point, I realized she did have the better application. She had been working on the character for a month, I had been working on her for a week, so I didn't find that so surprising really. So my application is not what I would call "amazingly complete" although I thought it was alright. I knew there would be rejection points that would need to be taken care of.

After several days, the application received a review from a Metropolis staffer and was rejected. I completed the points in the rejection and applied again. A few more days passed and I received the review being commented about.

This review was seven screens in length. Page down 7 times. Yup, that's it. It was by a non Metropolis staffer who was asked to help as the Metro staff was busy with RL at the time and could not do the review, I believe. The review contradicted itself (just one example of several--Lois flirted with Bruce to try to learn more about him, but later in the review it says she is a Jack Booted Feminist who would get annoyed when a guy would open a door for her), had some incorrect information in it (EX: Cat Grant would not jeaopardize her job to help Lois, yet she has done just that in the past by forcing her way into a closed set with Lois in tow), or was simply a matter of interpretation of the character differing from the reviewer and myself. There was some valid information in it as well but a lot of it was outweighed by the other things. Like the car. (For the record, where I come from, fire engines are metallic red. So fire engine red is metallic red. Candy apple red is the bright fancy color I would figure for a sports car normally. I got the color from the Ultimate Guide to Superman where I saw a picture of said car.)

Now, what I wanted to clarify is that the head of Metropolis had nothing to do with any of this. He separated himself entirely from the whole process. He is a friend of mine and I felt he deserved to be defended as he worked very hard to make sure he did not show bias toward either applicant. He didn't help either, he didn't make the decisions, he turned over the process to his assistant to handle entirely so that he was out of it. So please, no raking him through the muck when he really did nothing in this to be attacked or made out as the bad guy.

The decision to give up on the application was mine. I could have taken the review, fixed what I felt was applicable and then argued all the other points. But then I knew I would be branded a pain and so forth. I have already been the victim of some vicious rumors on that site, as I have learned since that time, so it probably is for the best that I didn't feel up to fighting tooth-and-nail for what was supposed to be a character for FUN. I did not leave in a huff (as has been said) simply because I got a rejection. I really wasn't in a huff at all about it, I just realized it was becoming more work and irritation than fun so I made a choice that I felt was best for me.
Feb. 22nd, 2003 08:59 pm (UTC)
Post from the Lois apper part 2
The other person was approved in two days. I admit that this has me quite irritated. When I mentioned that irritation to the Metropolis head staffer, he offered to explain why it was done so quickly but I refused to hear it. To be blunt, I'm going to believe what I want to believe there and his explanation would simply be wasted. I know that is petty of me but that is how I feel about it. So there it is. I hope this clears up some of the confusion and mininterpretations going on. If there are questions, people know how to find me. I'm always willing to try and clear up these types of things. Thanks for giving me a forum to reply.
Feb. 22nd, 2003 11:01 pm (UTC)
Directed to the Lois apper:
Thanks for the clarification. I did misunderstand part of what was going on, but given the degree of completeness on other major features, I thought your app WAS amazingly complete. It was the quibbling about petty details that I found disturbing.
I'm also glad to hear that it wasn't Metro staff who did the review, but now somewhat nervous to think that floating around there somewhere is a person so obsessive, and so wrong, that they could do that hatchet job. (Yes it was a hatchet job.)
Feb. 23rd, 2003 11:25 am (UTC)
You and Metropolis

No need to worry about applying to Metropolis, should you ever get a character there. You are not allowed to apply to Metropolis.

Artist for Metropolis, Brave and the Bold
Feb. 26th, 2003 01:00 pm (UTC)
Having spoken with Indigo, I've realized two things.
First, this was a rant. Cobalt, if that is indeed really you, and not someone posing as you under cover of anonymity - You are, in my opinion, overstepping the bounds here.

First, this is not EZBoard or any other place likely to be frequented by the hordes of twerps who like to trash places for the sake of it.
This is my personal (public) diary. This is a clearly labelled rant.
I am exercising my right to speak freely, and if your feelings are hurt I am sorry, but I did warn you clearly that this is a rant.
Secondly, I was responding defensively of a friend, and not filtering the comments and rumors. That was a bad idea, but then again, we all make mistakes.

So... I'd request that you get to know me better. I'm normally much more even tempered and reasonable. But by posting here with a snap judgement, you're in danger of confirming bad opinions. If you decide you want to exclude me, after you know who I am outside of rants, then I'll have no problem with it.
Feb. 27th, 2003 01:54 am (UTC)
Hm. I'm reminded that I do indeed know you.
Fair enough. Until further notice I won't app Metropolis.
Feb. 27th, 2003 05:32 am (UTC)

Yes, I indeed know you.

This was not a 'snap judgement'. It was some discussed among my staff and decided upon.

I did not ever say that you are not entitled to your ranting, especially in your own private place. More did I 'rant' myself. I knew you as 'Vix' on BnB and when you did not turn up on an @find there (as you have re@name'd yourself to 'Jinn') I had not other method to inform you. Had I emailed, that would potentially be harassment. Had I @mail'd on another game, that too could be harassment. Since I was not ranting, and this pertained to the topic you were discussing, I thought it the most logical method to inform you.

Artist for Metropolis, Brave and the Bold
Mar. 4th, 2003 09:18 am (UTC)
You have my permission to contact me on other venues and I won't consider it harrassment.

We may not agree on this, but I think the policy of banning players based on things they say in places that are unrelated to mu* games, is a bad policy.
It shows the staff as censorious, retaliatory, and unwilling to explain or discuss. That's bad for the game as a whole, in my opinion. If you want to create a place where nothing negative may ever be spoken anywhere, public or private, without retaliation, you should at least put that in the AUP so that potential players there can be warned away.

Given our personal history of occasionally blowing up at one another it might've been more effective, and raised less antagonism, if you'd simply asked me to contact you to discuss this. I could have explained the rumors I'd heard, and why it gave me misgivings. Meanwhile, the person who DID get the character went into great detail in page-chat with me and defused them.
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